This virus is carnage – no one is getting paid” – This was the comment from a PT friend that first worried me – was there really no one willing to pay for remote advice from well-trained pros?
A few dozen conversations later I was sure of two things;
One - it’s not like people had stopped training altogether or having back pain, quite the opposite.
Two – the pros’ biggest challenge was making existing customers feel like the remote experience is one worth paying for.

We have launched Krew to do what Netflix did for movies: create a new consumption category.
No one considers a movie in bed an inferior experience to going to the cinema, they just cover different needs. This seems obvious today, but it took a really amazing product to get there. If independent pros want to get paid for remote work, it might need to be packaged the right way:

Make it easy to buy once, and then again, and again: a client might not want to pay full price for a remote session, but a 20min check-in at the right price might suddenly be an option now that no one needs to commute or change out of work clothes for it. And what about a much cheaper class now you don’t have to pay rent for it, and can include more people since you are not constrained by space?

Krew allows pros to create their own space, list their sessions, live-stream them, create plans and packages, take payment and more, all in a single end-to-end platform.

Provide an incomparable experience, literally: we have built live
heart-rate detection and pose estimation into the product, using AI and
the footage from the session (demos linked – customers would see this
inside the actual session). Getting this info live means you can correct
a squat stance, or a stretch, or push someone more (or less!) based on
their actual data. You can literally not get this experience elsewhere.

Krew's AI-driven pose estimation

Krew provides an experience worth paying for by introducing AI-driven
pose estimation, heart rate detection and other features (coming soon!)
that can be activated or deactivated at will to augment sessions.

We can do AI which used to be innacessible thanks to our CTO Yousef's unique PhD research which uses a dynamic, context-aware peer-to-peer connections to link pros and their clients. Linking people peer-to-peer means the connection is faster, more secure, and cheaper. It’s free to sign up and we charge the smallest transaction fee we could charge when a customer pays their pros to cover mainly the payment processing costs.


• 6 MILLION more Brits are exercising daily during the lockdown than
before, and searches for “home workouts” have shot up 239%.
• Even influencers are finally recognising the importance of not offering
everything fitness & health for free to be able to guarantee quality.
• Telehealth might become the new normal, with therapeutic
physiotherapy exercise skyrocketing.
• Gyms, and many other ‘non-essential’ wellbeing services won’t be
able to re-open until Autumn most probably, and even then not at full speed.

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