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Unlock your Health And Fitness,
All In One Place.
Create a Krew Account for Free. Browse by workout type,
trainer or session time, and curate your ideal timetable. You’ll
only pay for the sessions you use - no hidden fees or
locked-in memberships.

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100+ Daily Live Workouts

Browse over 100 daily live sessions from the world’s best fitness and health professionals. No skippable workouts. Every session is live to push you further

Workout With Friends

Our favourite part. Meet up, workout and compete with friends and family no matter where they are in the world.

Why Workout
With Krew

Unlimited Streaming From Anywhere

Stream where you like and on any device. No apps, no downloads, no cut off times. Brilliant.

Pay For What You Move For

No Lock in Memberships. No Hidden charges. No complicated credits. Pay your trainer or health professional direct for the sessions you join, starting from £1.

Interactive Focused Feedback

Get live feedback from your trainer on your technique, form and pace and how to adjust for injuries. No generic instructions or DIY regressions.

A Million Reasons To Workout With Krew

  • Measure Every Second You Move

    Track your effort every time. Groundbreaking motion tracking AI to track your movement, pace and heart rate from start to finish.

  • One-On-One, Close Friends Or Group Sessions

    Go at it alone or go all in together. You can choose to join a global Krew workout, close krew only or private one-on-one sessions. No more crowded gyms and no more lonely at-home workouts.

  • Build Your Own Timetable

    Curate your ideal fitness and health timetable with sessions ranging from 15 to 60 minutes all on one Krew account, from cardio and strength training to nutritional and physio advice.

  • Nutritional And Workout Plans

    Need a plan to stick to when you’re not on Krew? Our Fitness and Health Professionals can create personalised nutrition and workout plans based on your intolerance, injuries and previous health conditions.

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Why People Love It

One of the challenges with online fitness is recreating the human touch. I was really impressed with Krew and how they were able to implement the human touch made possible by the features like injury indicator and motion tracking technology.

Gene Works


I love using Krew to bring all of my classes together. It's easy to schedule, get payment and offer my clients an awesome experience in one location. It's really fun to use.

Shannon Stowe


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