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Give Focused Feedback

Our platform’s motion tracking technology allows you to have eyes everywhere in the room, focus in on participants, give adjustments based on injuries, offer progressions or regressions, make comments and send them an instant private message.

Why Our Pros
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No Monthly Fees

We want everyone to workout without limits, that means no monthly fees, upfront commitments or hidden charges. We take a small transaction fee every time you get paid from a participant. The more people you get moving, the more you earn.

Access All Features From Day One

You have full access to all Professional Tool Features including adding highlight reels to your profiles, branding your sessions, running leaderboards and building workout and nutritional plans for your clients.

Interactive Focused Feedback

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  • Unique Creative Profiles

    We’ve built creative, browsable in-depth profiles for our Pros to share who you are, your workout philosophy, highlight clips, reviews and links to your IG or YouTube accounts.

  • Unlimited Sessions

    No more t like gym schedules or commute times. You can run unlimited sessions, with unlimited number of clients per session, unlimited HD live streaming, unlimited access to features.

  • Instant Secure Payments

    No separate links or post-workout reminders. All payments are instant, secure and managed through the Krew Platform so no one has to leave.

  • Offer Nutritional and Workout Plans

    You can create personalised nutrition and workout plans for any participant based on intolerances, injuries and previous health conditions. Our pre-built plans library is launching soon.

  • Collaborate WIth Others

    We’re all about opening up the world of fitness to as many people as possible. That means we’re non-exclusive. You can delete your profile, take down sessions, and collaborate with other brands whenever you want.

  • Set Your Own Fee

    You’re in control of how much you charge. Offer sessions for Free, for a fee, or set up subscriptions, we’re leaving it all up to you. Add the option of ‘Previews’ to your Session so people can see what they’re in for!

  • Private Studio Rooms

    Want to create a regular HIIT or cardio session? Link your clients to your own Room, Private and Permanently owned by you.

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Why People Love It
One of the challenges with online fitness is recreating the human touch. I was really impressed with Krew and how they were able to implement the human touch made possible by the features like injury indicator and motion tracking technology.
Gene Works


I love using Krew to bring all of my classes together. It's easy to schedule, get payment and offer my clients an awesome experience in one location. It's really fun to use.
Shannon Stowe


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