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“One of the challenges with online fitness is recreating the human touch. I was really impressed with Krew and how they were able to implement the human touch made possible by the features like injury indicator and motion tracking technology.”

Gene Works


“I love using Krew to bring all of my classes together. It's easy to schedule, get payment and offer my clients an awesome experience in one location. It's really fun to use.”

Shannon Stowe


“As an independent yoga instructor, Krew frees me from the hassle of having to manually integrate booking, scheduling, payment. And I truly believe that it's about to disrupt the digital fitness with its AI-augmented features.”

Sushmitha Shrikanth


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Customers expect an easy way to stay on their fitness journey even when they don’t have the time or want to work from home. With Krew, these customers can find you easily.

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Peloton without the $3,000 bike

At the heart of it, we want anyone, anywhere, to workout without limits. Whether you’re a professional trainer wanting to teach and reach more people, or someone who wants to get stronger each day, we can help you own your path to fitness, without expensive gym fees, long commutes or overcrowded classes.

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