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Meet your fitness and health coaches anywhere, anytime

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Book any session with our Krew of professionals without having to lock yourself into a membership. They are quick, cheap and delivered by seasoned pros. Whether it’s a 1-2-1 physio or nutrition consultation, or a fun HIIT class where you compete to work your hardest, we have the knowhow and experience to put you on your health journey. Want to smash a killer workout, then have a chat to a qualified physio who’ll help you improve mobility? While you’re at it, why not choose a superstar nutritionist to come up with a bespoke meal plan to achieve your goals. Let Krew work for you.

Work more, work better

The world has changed. Customers expect an easy way to stay on their fitness journey even when they don’t have the time or want to work from home. With Krew, these customers can find you easily by your specialisation without you having to shout into the internet void to be found. Not only that, but our proprietary technology allows you to do unlimited, secure, high-quality livestreams inside the platform. We also offer (optional) motion tracking technology to make your classes more fun with leaderboards, help you correct posture, diagnose mobility problems, etc. All our tools, including a meal and exercise plan builder, are free for pros to use. We only make money when you make money, by taking a small transaction fee when a customer purchases a paid session from you.

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