As countries slowly begin to open up, brick and mortar gyms and fitness studios are finally dusting off the chalk and picking up their kettle-bells, only to be met with rising concerns around safety from the public.

The global situation has indeed caused massive shifts in exercise behavior; the data suggests that at-home fitness has altered the fitness industry drastically, and this change is here to stay. In a recent survey in the United States, 68 percent of respondents stated that they were much less likely to go to the gym based on what they knew about the coronavirus, and according to a recent survey, more than 20m gym memberships could be cancelled as a consequence.

The pandemic has accelerated the transition towards virtual fitness, but until normalcy returns or a vaccine becomes readily available, “fitness companies will have to respond to the recasting of the competitive landscape by utilizing the convenient, compelling, and immersive strategy of streaming”, said Harrison Co. partner Paul Byrnes.

Looking ahead, the fitness industry is rapidly changing and people are looking for online platforms like Krew that allow them the flexibility to customize classes and access world-class instructors to suit their ever-changing lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why online fitness will continue to grow and allow people to find new ways of connecting virtually.

Reason 1: Cost

Consumers can now find free online workouts with little to no equipment required on YouTube, Instagram Live and various apps that cost significantly less than a gym membership. While there will always be a place for in-person classes, many are beginning to redirect their money from expensive gym memberships towards buying equipment and advice which free them to pursue the flexibility and variety they have come to enjoy during lockdown. At Krew, we offer dozens of affordable premium fitness classes, but at a fraction of the cost and with most requiring no equipment.

Although the venue has shifted, the value that coaches bring to their clients in terms of giving feedback and providing accountability is irreplaceable. Consumers are looking for something affordable, yet versatile, and given how 500,000 fitness club employees have been furloughed as a result of club shutdowns, fitness professionals who are able to cater to a wide variety of needs are the only ones that are able to protect their businesses. That being said, we are yet to find a perfectly arranged rack of weights that can take the place of a coach who makes classes fun, engaging and effective.

Reason 2: Variety

When it comes to motivation longevity, variety is key – people are looking to online platforms, not just for fitness, but rather, to cater to a wide range of their wellness needs. In a recent Fitness Trends report, that detailed which type of workout is most satisfying, most people who combined two or more styles of workout were willing to try longer classes and commit to larger goals.

In a world of endless options to enhance human performance, it’s all about diversifying; online services are a great way to improve multiple dimensions of wellness, not just physical, but emotional and social as well.

Reason 3: Community

Online training is now able to replicate the in-studio experience through tech enhancements like the in-class leaderboard. This gives people the feeling that they are part of something larger and more meaningful. Platforms like Krew have carved out virtual spaces that thrive off friendly competition, and this is one of the main reasons why people prefer live streaming over on-demand classes.

Many are keen on creating connections with likeminded people who have similar fitness goals, while separate at home. Ultimately, online training is gaining a lot of traction and the space is evolving quickly.

If you’re new to fitness, online group training can be incredibly powerful in sustaining motivation long term. If you are a coach or fitness professional looking for the best to take your virtual coaching business online, look no further; Krew’s one-platform integration will enable you to package, host, and manage all your online offerings with ease and efficiency.

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