With millions stuck at home, people are using everything from soup cans, to water bottles or even the burden of their existence to try and stay healthy from the comfort of their own homes.Health and lifestyle awareness has emerged as a trend that is here to stay amid massive worldwide shifts, prompting fitness professionals, gyms and fitness studios to transition to virtual training business models. Moreover, even with social distancing norms in gyms, fitness enthusiasts with pre-existing medical conditions or elderly parents at home are likely to avoid gyms at least until mid 2021. Therefore, the UK’s £4.9bn fitness industry has had to rapidly evolve and cater to the collective need for convenience, community, and connection between trainers and clients.

According to  Allied  Market  Research, during the COVID-19 pandemic, about 75% of fitness enthusiasts have  enjoyed live-stream  video workouts (rather than pre-recorded workouts), a segment that is expected to witness the highest yearly growth across multiple online fitness models in the near future. Consequently, the demand for versatile trainers has skyrocketed.However, there are several challenges that both trainers and clients across the fitness industry face in transitioning to online fitness so quickly, including intense market-saturation and competition like never before. Krew has been able to tackle most of these challenges through innovative solutions for professionals to adjust course and ride the new wave of remote health and fitness:

#1 - Customers resent dealing with incompatible, glitchy tools

To live-stream their classes, most trainers use a combination of platforms (Zoom / YouTube /Instagram Live) that either are not secure, require downloading an app, or are often glitchy. To keep up with the demand, trainers have resorted to utilizing multiple incompatible platforms for marketing, enrollment, payment, scheduling, tracking etc., which create a world of pain for customers, not to speak of the sensation that this is a temporary solution which cannot compete with the “real thing” they used to pay for.

In a culture driven by ‘click-of-a-button’ easy access to everything, convenience is essential to the user experience, and this results in clients quickly becoming frustrated and ultimately impacts client retention. Krew offers an end-to-end unified  platform experience that coaches can use to seamlessly eliminate the pain points for both trainers & clients. Krew enables trainers to showcase and offer their entire range of professional services in a structured, yet flexible way: multiple services; multiple time-slots; multiple price points; multiple demographics; to a global audience far beyond the typical reach of studios.

#2 - Online fitness can feel like the lesser-energy version of an in-person class

A core part of what it means to be human is to feel a sense of community, and people find the spirit of an in-person class irreplaceable, especially when they have to muster up enough motivation and be self-driven, while isolated in their homes.

Enthusiasts prefer gyms not only for the expensive equipment but also for the inherent ‘peer pressure’ and social interaction that helps them stay motivated in their quest for fitness.Although it seems like online training lacks a sense of community and human interaction at the surface of it, virtual fitness can, in fact, serve as a gateway to foster healthy competition and build a sense of a community. Krew’s in-class leaderboard feature takes advantage of the ‘Köhler Effect’ i.e., the human tendency to work harder when surrounded by people who are fitter than yourself, as opposed to working alone.

#3 - Overcoming Mental Blocks & Injury Prevention

Some professionals fear that the screen acts as a barrier between the coach and the client, as it is harder for trainers to keenly observe and correct posture virtually, which might result in preventable injuries.

Contrary to popular belief, a novice will benefit from virtual training, as it will help break down some of the insecurities and mental blocks associated with gyms. Working out from the privacy and comfort of their homes, will make them feel less judged, in turn boosting their self-confidence and motivation to keep going.

With   a  range   of   expert   coaches   to   choose   from   to   act   as   a   source   of   motivation   and accountability, Krew democratizes fitness by blending aspects of technology with live feedback from certified coaches who serve as active problem solvers to reduce chances of injury.Ultimately,   the   two   aspects   work   together seamlessly,   to   create   the   ultimate   workout experience for clients and coaches alike.

Krew was born out of extensive customer research with a mission to deliver a world-class community   based   gamified   and   personalized   fitness   experience   to   support   independent trainers and provide affordable fitness to fitness consumers at home.Going forward, customers will expect a good online offering from gyms and personal trainers,who can now cast their nets wider and seek a global clientele, beyond the limited outreach of their studios.  

The future of digital fitness is now, and it looks promising.

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