Krew was born out of 2 passions: levelling the playing field for independent pros and live health and fitness.

  • We know how amazing it feels when succeeding comes down to your skills rather than being able to pay to gain an advantage. That’s why we set out to give you not just the same tools, but better tools than even the biggest players have access to, and it’s free to sign up + the smallest fee we could charge to cover tech and payment processing costs, a 5% transaction fee (so we only make some money when you do). That fee is so low because we have dramatically lower streaming costs than our competitors thanks to our PhD research.
  • Nothing beats speaking to someone directly. We know that the sense of shared accomplishment is what gets people to keep coming back for more. Generic videos or text won’t cut it for long. So instead of just complaining that the Covid crisis prevents us from staying fit, we create the tool that we’d like to use to stay connected to pros we trust.



Our own research revealed that the main reason fitness, physio and nutrition professionals are struggling is retaining their existing clients, who don’t feel an online experience is worth paying for. But same as it took Netflix for people to think that a movie in your laptop wasn’t an inferior experience to going to the cinema, but just a different type of product, it will take Krew (with some help from the lockdown) to prove to people that remote workouts have its own advantages.

So, what should you do next?

  1. Sign up here, and let us know what type of pro you are!
  2. Fill out your profile, a descriptive tagline and bio lets potential new customers decide if you’re right for them, and it lets us include you in their searches
  3. List your sessions, as well as their prices. We will be releasing easy package and subscription builders in the next few days, but for now please list the price of each type of session for people who want to buy them one by one!

TIP: If you are listing a class rather than a 1-2-1 session, remember that classes that are priced at $5.60 / £5 or less see 3x more reservations, plus users are 2x more likely to make another reservation, and you can fit more people than in a physical space!

As for your 1-2-1s, think of new formats you can now offer thanks to neither you nor your customers needing to commute: for example, 20min check-ins, or 45min sessions since you don’t need to leave as much cushion time around each session.

  1. Send your profile out to your customers! They will be able to see it even without having to register, and they can choose sessions after seeing everything that’s on offer in a neat and professional-looking format.

Any questions or feedback, we’re always available at team@krew.live !