All of us have great dreams or goals, whether it’s to get that summer body, or marking a new personal best. Motivation is a vital aspect of the process. Finding the drive that will kick you out from your sofa is one of the most challenging parts in any plan.

We all have different ways of reaching our goals, Krew's Personal trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists list some of the best advice for you.

Here are 8 good habits that can help you to stay motivated:

1. Define your goal: No matter what goal you want to achieve once you can see it clearly in front of your eyes you can engage easily with the reason behind your effort.

2. Make it a priority: A sense of urgency is the one thing you can develop that will help you stay motivated and achieve your goal.

3. Schedule your plan: Once your goal is defined, schedule your plan, it is always easier to follow a clear plan.

4.  Break your goal into small milestones: Targeting small goals one after the other will help you create short-term wins, and develop your momentum towards the final goal.

5. Be consistent: Having a fixed set of activities cues your brain so you are motivated to take the right action towards your goals consistently.

6. Join a group: Self-motivation is tough, being with a group of people who share the same goal makes it easier.

7. Keep it fun: Rewarding yourself after achieving milestones preps the brain positively. Small treats along the way are part of the final goal.

8. Track your Progress: know where you are according to your plan, this will inspire you to be ready to uncover obstacles and also shows you what you achieved so far.

Success is the sum of small efforts you have done.

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