Both the government and the media state that keeping active is one of the most impactful things we can do for our health, even during lockdown. With 62% of adults in England stating that exercise is more important than ever, both for their physical and mental health, it seems like this time, everyone is listening: one-third of the UK is exercising daily. And yet work available for independent fitness coaches, physios and nutritionists has somehow decreased.

As living rooms transform into gyms, canned food into weights, and rugs into yoga mats, Brits are searching for a new way to maintain their well being and replace their pre-lockdown habits. The professional level of care and advice gained from exercise classes and coaching can not be replaced by exercise DVDs and video tutorials. With 30% of gym-goers admitting they miss gym classes and 24% missing the social aspect of the gym, isolation workouts do not stand up to in-person training. This is where Krew can make a difference.

Born out of a reaction to the lack of work fitness professionals are receiving and a desire to create a platform which allows anyone to access professional advice and coaching, Krew is a truly unique service. Krew has been created to provide fitness professionals with a seamless experience for their clients. Our platform provides one-click high-quality video with increased security, more so than other video conferencing providers, motion tracking and an index to assess how hard your class-goers are working out, as well as easy payment processing via Stripe.

Krew rejects the constraints of regimented health and wellbeing coaching. Krew offers professionals complete flexibility in pricing and appointment setting. With Krew you can take control of your schedule, only coaching the hours you are free to work. No longer is there a need to cap the number of attendees in a fitness class, or write by hand a clients meal plan and exercise routine, Krew takes care of everything so you can focus on your clients.

Krew can offer an experience to rival that of coaching in mainstream gyms. We have responded to the concerns of fitness professionals to deliver the best platform for remote coaching.

Ian Cooling - ‘very helpful in matching my needs to the right tech’.

Krew has created a unique AI which allows for remote coaching with the benefits of in-person coaching. Krew has responded to the need for a digital platform which offers exercise and health advice from fitness professionals. The platform offers professionals an easy way to list their sessions and engage with customers, by creating meal and exercise plans. Not to mention that it’s free to sign up and even free to use most of our tools with your clients!

Krew hasn’t been created merely to help fitness professionals survive these increasingly remote times, we want you to thrive. Remote exercise is here to stay and we are here to help you make the most of it. So what are you waiting for? Take the first steps towards becoming a part of the new health and fitness community by signing up today!